Summer's last stand
14th September 2009

The photos have bright and colorful imagery
Courtesy of Latająca Galeria

The Warsaw Insider has teamed up with Clotilde Simonis of Simonis Gallery and Latająca Galeria for the opening of "Summer" a new show from painter, photographer and Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts alumnus Kasia Domańska. The exhibition is drawn from a series of paintings depicting the summer season through a dreamlike vision. By employing images of sunny beaches, bright blue sky, beach umbrellas, gentle waves, beautiful women in warm-hued bikinis and children playing in the sand, Ms Domańska presents a carefree, lazy summer, while at the same time challenging the definition of beauty with a carefully maintained distance. There is an artificiality and a certain absence of passion in her paintings, which, given the naturalness and warmth of the subjects, foster an oxymoronic atmosphere. Catch the show Wednesday to Saturday, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, through the end of September at Latająca Galeria, ul. Burakowska 9.