In the last few decades mainly abstract and conceptual art set the norm, yet painting in general, and hyperrealism in particular, have made a strong comeback over the last decade. Why is that, you think?
Fortunately, we live in a time when pluralism is becoming more common, this applies to art as well. Thanks to the media and the universality of knowledge we are able to compare different cultures, learn from history and draw from the best conclusions. Freedom reign begins, everyone can choose something for themselves and not to cling to imposed forms of expression. For me, adherence to standards, follow something which is now fashionable, has always been the lack own opinion or as being a sheep, which is following the herd regardless of the direction in which the herd is going. Everyone should follow their own penchant. But of course, I realize that some people need advisers who speak to them what they should like. From there take the "norms", which, of course, change over time.
Some people believe fiction and reality are opposites like black and white. What do you think?
I would rather say that it's like mutually complementary colors such as yellow and blue, which perfectly harmonize with each other. Without fiction, the development would not be possible. Thanks to it we are able to create a new reality. The imagination born new.
Could you tell us a bit more about how you work?
I retain a nice moments, our dreams, that which is associated with joy, harmony, beauty in the broad sense, the beauty of our thoughts and the power of our minds in creating reality. I play with a reflection and simple associations, images related with carefree relaxation, full of harmony. I'm looking for places where I can capture the atmosphere and light, on which I care about. Then I make hundreds of photos, which are kind of sketchbook. I choose ones that reflect the atmosphere that I want to convey, sometimes I change the composition. Then I paint on canvas using the traditional technique of oil painting.
Why paint if you can just take a photograph? Or, to put it differently, what does painting add to the image?
Painting is something completely different than photography. It is unique and unrepeatable. Oil painting is a living work, exudes a completely different energy than photography, has a living aura of the artist who made it by hand. Is the subject of natural elements made ‹‹of linseed oil, natural dyes, linen, ect. Speaking today's language it is eco. Besides, it could survive thousands years, what about photography we can not say for sure.
In your latest “Summer” series, we enter a seemingly carefree world of sunshine, bright colors and beautiful people. And yet there is something cold and distant about these images. Could it be that under the happy shiny surface hides an element of loneliness? And does that reflect a certain world view?
In the paintings the world has been presented from the position of the observer, who gives himself to contemplation and around him play a different scene, full of life. The calm of situation allows for a carefree dipping in dreams, which is difficult in other circumstances, daily rush. When we dream, we will always be just us and our thoughts. Which we can name kind of loneliness. The interpretation belongs to everyone individually. Because the only thing on what we have an influence is the way we think.
You paint a lot of natural elements, such as leaves, flowers, sky and water. Is there a special reason for that? Or you just love nature? (which sounds like a good enough reason to me ...)
I just love nature, without it, cannot imagine life. Without contact with nature I feel like in prison. People strive for contact with it. If they do not have it on every day in abundance, they create around themselves a substitute of it to live in harmony. They want to have a contact with its elements, create swimming pools, fountains, ornamental flowers in the decorations, build glass houses to see the sky, surround themselves with plants, ect. Symbols of nature are everywhere.
If tomorrow you could buy any three paintings in the world, and money and availability are not an issue, which ones would you acquire?
The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, but cleaned of centuries-old, brown dirt. In the original, vivid and bright colors, the artist has created. Annunciation by Leonardo da Vinci. A Bigger Splash by David Hockney.
Have you always wanted to be a painter?
Rather yes, in addition to a small episode when I was a little girl and I wanted to be a ballerina. I went to ballet school and I danced in The Grand Theatre.
If you were not a painter, what would you like to be?
Scientist, to be able to create fascinating things to make life easier for people.
What may we expect from Kasia Domanska in 2013?
We will see.
PLASTIK MAGAZINE, Published: February, 2013