swimming pool
We are looking at a perfect shade of blue lit with half tones of cool and warm reflections of the sun. The waves of light create subtle pictures on the walls and bottom of the pool, here and there changing into a shining patch. The sky, unseen in the frame, is reflected in the surface, transforming the closed interior into an open space. The woman swimming rises on the waves, dives. Twirling tattoos made by the sun cover her body. The clearly felt, relaxing, refreshing coolness of the water has something intriguing about it. The effect of light and water intermingling is uncommon! In these half-tones it is extremely difficult to separate reality from illusion.

One can say about the painting cycles of Katarzyna Domanska that they uniquely capture reality at its most fleeting and temporary. In the newest painting series entitled "Swimming pool", Katarzyna Domanska observes the uncontrollable mixture of different worlds, layers and meanings. The force and the power of this series is light. It plays a decisive role in the theme of the paintings, their mood and balanced composition. It is brightness, joy, day and night. It creates an idyllic climate for the series, and at the same time goes beyond it with the "Wyjscie" ["Exit"] painting, where it dematerialises the surfaces of the subjects, changing the solid ladder into a shifting, unstable chiaroscuro. The crystal clear water is one of the most beautiful symbols of reconciliation of the opposites. The transparent "matter 'exists' yet as if it did not exist since one can see through it". Water is an element, an element of live matter, the source of life. Without it, existence is impossible. In Katarzyna Domanska's paintings it is a symbol of freedom; it cleanses, heals and is a rebirth.
The underwater world expressed with great precision allows the artist to articulate it objectively and without deformation. The photographic, literal depiction of detail is not only a faithful imitation of things, a copy of their surface loveliness captivated with the beauty of refined colours and artistic nuance; it is first and foremost evidence of the unique sensitivity and depth of the artist's view of the multiple layers and meanings of the world which surrounds us.
The overlapping of the products of man and masterpieces of nature, of things artificial and real, imitation and reality, disclose the artist's greatest fascinations, ceaselessly returning to these issues in her successive works. Penetrating that which is on the outside, Katarzyna Domanska strives towards disclosing that which is inside–towards capturing the absolute essence of the true nature of things.
The affirmation of nature and life in these paintings becomes the background for a symbolic celebration of emotions, moods and reflections. What is seen in reality read on the basis of a temporary agreement changes under the influence of inner relations. Behind the literal meaning there is another, hidden meaning, which the artist allows to speak freely.
In the "Basen" ["Swimming pool"] series of canvases, each fragment repeats and enriches the whole. The series is well thought out, stylistically compact. The principle of dividing and combining enables one to pass from one surface of the painting to the next with spontaneity and harmony – and similarly, from the world of the literal to the world of the metaphor, changeability and fluid smoothness of the senses. The pool, while remaining closed in space, at the same time becomes a trailer to the boundless, open space of the ocean. The young woman emerging from the water is a symbol of liberation from limita- tions, encumbering situations.
Diving, swimming under water in the "Zanurzenie" ["Diving"] canvas, "Podwodny cien" ["Underwater shadow"], delighting in the freedom of movement, the feeling of freedom, nirvana. Individual scenes speak of additional meaning transposing us into the passions and hidden fantasies of the bewildering world's secret regions.

Monika Melanik