flowers are beautiful
Katarzyna Domanska's painting focuses on several questions. Formally speaking, her works comprise macro-images of flowers. Compositions saturated with the hues of petals, in which an important role is played by rhythm and vibrancy, seem to enhance the forms, which are emphasized by sudden changes in colours and shapes. The characteristic geometry is filled with internal variation of rhythms and spaces which abound with emotion. On subtle multicoloured canvases we can identify the petals, stamens and stalks of flowers. It would be a mistake to say that Katarzyna Domanska's flowers are hyper-realistic. Through the means by which the artists identifies herself with them, they become a type of illumination. They reflect what is seen through eyes which are open to the outside world, but which are investigating that which is internal.
Katarzyna Domanska develops the theme of flowers as living things in a way which has never been used before. She shows them in large, photographic close-up. One is made to think of the eternal but forgotten union between man and nature. By using discrete harmonies and balance, the artist brings out the energy which flowers possess. On the one hand flowers are associated with femininity, beauty and innocence, and thus glorify the feminine energy of the cosmos. On the other hand, with their phallic shapes, they symbolize masculine energy. Each picture harmonizes these two elements, presenting a coincidentia oppositorum, a coming together of opposites. The flower motif developed in this way becomes a recreation of the order of the world in its perfect form. Each picture, each flower, is like an individual note in a musical score composed in honour of Life.
Flowers seen as on a spring morning, when the changing light envelops the earth in a halo, overflow with aesthetic vision. The flower appears almost like an angel, evoking purity and goodness.
The transience, fleetingness, ephemerality of the flowers captured in full bloom in Katarzyna Domanska's pictures convey a spiritual message. Flowers which fade are a commonly used metaphor for man, the soul, human destiny played out between birth and death. The flowers which we see at their climax, in full bloom, in reality have already ceased to exist. Being confronted with this fact is like being asked a question about what one believes within oneself, about oneself about one's own mortality or immortality.
Katarzyna Domanska's work transforms a precise, scientific, almost microscopic observation of flowers into something hierophantic. To come into live contact with delicate flowers is a very subtle experience, and yet one which we rarely have the opportunity to appreciate. The artist makes us aware that the flowers emanate an extraordinary force, which may well be a property not of the object itself, but of an enchanted soul within. They do not represent biological species, but their own paradisiacal nature. The lively, vibrant colours reinforce what is visible, depicting an intangible aura Katarzyna Domanska's work is sensual and emotional. Through fairy-like colours, contrasting or merging into one another, the artist creates a work of purity and balance which does not give rise to worry or confusion, but brings peace and calm. The clarity, intensity, and sometimes brilliance of the colours does not descend into garishness, and the charm does not become kitschy. Some pictures gain expressive power due to a contrasting of paints used without gradation or tints. The composition leaves us with moments of silence and stillness. Contours disappear, harmonizing with the totality of the picture.
The stunning beauty of Katarzyna Domanska's flowers transforms her pictures into living forms, pulsating with vital energy, life-giving, like a garden.